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We operate matching Beauford open top tourers, cream in colour with burgundy interiors.  For those who have not seen the Beauford, it is an authentic 30's style vehicle, imposing to say the least, that attracts attention wherever it goes.



Can we inspect the cars before booking?
As your day is so special we encourage you to come and view the cars before booking.

How long do we have the use of the car for?
We only book one wedding per day so the cars are yours for as long as is necessary.

How is the price worked out?
For weddings there is a fixed price for each car. When both cars are booked as a pair there is a discount and for weekday weddings there is a further discount. We do not charge for mileage, per hour or for waiting time. The price you see is the price you pay with no hidden extras. All other bookings will be quoted individually as they vary.

How many journeys will you make?
If you book one vehicle we are quite happy to convey the bridesmaids to the chosen venue providing the distance is not too great, and there is time to convey the bride. It is worth bearing in mind that the bridesmaids will have to wait at the church for us to return to the bride's location, pick her up and convey her back to the venue for the ceremony. You will also need to convey the bridesmaids to the reception. For this reason, we would recommend you book both vehicles.

What about photo opportunities?
We appreciate that if the ceremony is held at a location that does not provide a suitable backdrop for your wedding photos, you may want to go to another location to get those all important album pictures. Our chauffeurs will be happy to convey you to a previously agreed place for this purpose. We are very flexible in the arrangements with our aim to make your day special, stress free and one to remember.





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