Roaring Twenties Revisited: A Themed Wedding Guide

In the far-out, madcap world of matrimony, where love blossoms like a fine champagne and laughter rings like the chimes of a thousand flappers’ beaded dresses, the Roaring Twenties themed wedding is a supersonic rocket ship to the past. A time when all the cats and dolls, the Dappers and the Daisy Buchanan’s, traded their troubles for a night of wild abandon in the flickering glow of a speakeasy.So, strap on your finest spats and cloches, ladies and gents, as we traverse this divine epoch of jazz and jubilance, taking you on a rollicking journey through the Roaring Twenties, culminating in the greatest, most dashing wedding bash that ever was.

Inspiration: Gatsby, Prohibition, and the Charleston

Begin by immersing yourself in the sumptuous world of Gatsby, where opulence and grandeur reign supreme. Dive into F. Scott Fitzgerald's iconic novel, watch the feverish dance sequences of Baz Luhrmann's film adaptation, and let it all soak into the marrow of your very bones. Be the Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan of this tale, living a love story for the ages.Next, imbibe the essence of Prohibition, that rambunctious era where clandestine bars served bathtub gin to those in the know. Imagine the thrill of secret passwords, hidden entrances, and whispers of raucous revelry behind closed doors. Let this intoxicating spirit infuse your wedding planning, building anticipation for your guests until they can hardly stand it.Finally, absorb the rhythmic beat of the Charleston, that exuberant dance that defined a generation. Picture the flappers, with their fringed dresses and bobbed hair, kicking up their heels and shaking their tail feathers with wild abandon. Let the delightful energy of the Charleston guide your wedding plans, infusing your celebration with the boundless joy and mirth of the Roaring Twenties.

Invitations: Art Deco Extravaganza

A Roaring Twenties wedding starts with an invitation that simply cannot be refused. Embrace the bold, geometric lines and luxurious materials of Art Deco design for a wedding invitation suite that screams glamour. Opt for lavish fonts and rich colors, such as gold foil on black paper or shimmery silver on a deep emerald background. And, of course, don't forget to include a secret password, which guests must utter at the entrance to gain admittance to your speakeasy soiree.

Attire: A Modern Take on Flappers and Dappers

No Roaring Twenties wedding is complete without an array of divine flappers and dashing dappers. Encourage your guests to don their most fabulous 1920s-inspired attire, embracing beaded dresses, feathered headbands, and strings of pearls for the ladies, and crisp suits, fedoras, and shiny wingtips for the gents.As for the bride and groom, why not opt for a stunning, sleek sheath gown adorned with intricate beading, and a classic tuxedo with a twist — perhaps a velvet jacket or an exquisitely patterned bow tie?

Decor: A Golden Age of Glamour

Transform your wedding venue into a lavish, Gatsby-esque paradise with a dazzling array of glistening gold, shimmering silver, and plush velvet. Drape tables in sequined linens, adorn chairs with tasseled sashes, and create sumptuous centerpieces of feathers, pearls, and sparkling crystals.Transport your guests back in time with vintage touches such as antique gramophones, typewriters, and vases filled with peacock feathers. And don't forget the pièce de résistance: a fabulous champagne tower, overflowing with bubbly and effervescing with delight.

Entertainment: Jazz and Jitterbugs

What would a Roaring Twenties wedding be without the sultry sounds of jazz and the rambunctious rhythms of swing? Hire a live band to serenade your guests with the tunes of the era, setting the mood for an evening of high-spirited conviviality. And for those guests who may be unfamiliar with the finer points of the Charleston or the Lindy Hop, consider hiring a dance instructor to offer a brief tutorial, ensuring that all participants can cut a rug with the best of them.

Favors: Tokens of Jazz Age Appreciation

As the clock strikes midnight and your Roaring Twenties wedding draws to a close, send your guests off into the night with a memento of your gratitude. Some spirited ideas for favors could include:
  • Mini bottles of champagne, adorned with custom labels
  • Art Deco-style compact mirrors or cufflinks
  • Personalized matchboxes, reminiscent of those found in Prohibition-era speakeasies
  • Custom poker chips, in honor of the era's high-stakes gambling dens
With all these decadent details in place, your Roaring Twenties wedding will be a night to remember, a celebration of love and laughter, of jazz and jubilance, and of a bygone era that still captivates the imagination of all who dare to dream.