Roaring into Romance: A 1920s Themed Wedding in an Old Schoolhouse

Introduction: The Gatsby-esque Dream

Pull out your flapper dresses, feather headbands, and suit up like a dapper Dan because a 1920s themed wedding in an old schoolhouse is your ticket to a night that will have everyone dancing the Charleston until dawn. Picture it: a celebration of love, laughter, and a whole lot of Lindy Hop in a historic setting, transporting you back to the days of speakeasies, jazz, and bathtub gin. Get ready to take a trip through time, as we give you the scoop on planning the perfect 1920s schoolhouse soiree.

Choose the Perfect Venue: The Old Schoolhouse

It goes without saying that to throw a 1920s wedding in an old schoolhouse, you're going to need, well, an old schoolhouse. And it's not just about finding any old brick building with a chalkboard and a bell – you want to find a venue that truly embodies the charm and character of the 20s. Look for a historic school with unique architectural features such as ornate woodwork, high ceilings, and large windows. Bonus points for a venue that's been renovated to include modern amenities while still retaining its vintage appeal.

Set the Mood with the Right Décor

Once you've found the perfect schoolhouse, it's time to transform it into a 1920s wonderland. The key to nailing the aesthetic of the era is all about the details. Start with the color scheme – think rich hues such as gold, black, and deep jewel tones. Keep the vibe luxurious with opulent fabrics like velvet and satin, and don't forget the sparkle – chandelier lighting, crystal accents, and sequined table linens will all add that extra touch of glitz.When it comes to the décor, vintage props and furniture will help set the scene. Create cozy lounge areas with antique couches and chairs, and incorporate fun 1920s touches like vintage gramophones, old typewriters, and stacks of classic books. And of course, no 1920s wedding would be complete without a showstopping bar – set the stage for some serious cocktail shaking with a vintage bar cart or a full-scale speakeasy-style setup.

Dress the Part: Flappers and Fellas

  • Bride: Channel your inner flapper with a beaded, drop-waist gown that's perfect for dancing the night away. Don't forget to complete your look with a 1920s-inspired headpiece, such as a feathered headband or a sparkling hair comb.
  • Groom: Suit up like a true gentleman in a dapper tuxedo with classic details like peaked lapels, a double-breasted vest, and a black bow tie. Or, go for a more casual look with a sharp three-piece suit and a snazzy fedora.
  • Bridal Party: Have your bridesmaids embrace the flapper style with fringe dresses, pearl necklaces, and T-strap heels, while the groomsmen can don suspenders, bow ties, and wingtip shoes.
And don't forget to encourage your guests to get in on the fun by dressing in their 1920s best – after all, there's nothing like a room full of flappers, gangsters, and jazz musicians to really transport everyone back in time.

Entertainment: Music and Dancing

What's a 1920s wedding without some toe-tapping tunes and lively dancing? Start by hiring a jazz band to set the mood and keep your guests grooving all night long. Or, if you want to really immerse yourselves in the era, consider booking a swing band with a full brass section to play all those classic 1920s hits.And why not go the extra mile and bring in a dance instructor to teach your guests the Charleston, the Lindy Hop, or even the Foxtrot? Not only will it provide some unforgettable entertainment, but it'll also give everyone the confidence to hit the dance floor in true 1920s style.

Food and Drink: A Taste of the 20s

When it comes to the menu, think elegant and indulgent. Serve up classic 1920s dishes like shrimp cocktail, Waldorf salad, and beef Wellington, alongside luxurious sides such as truffled potatoes and roasted asparagus. For dessert, offer a selection of decadent treats like chocolate mousse, crème brûlée, and fruit tarts.And let's not forget the libations – after all, the 1920s were the era of Prohibition, so it's only fitting to pay homage with some classic cocktails. Set up a DIY cocktail station where guests can mix up their own Old Fashioneds, Martinis, and French 75s, or hire a professional bartender to shake and stir the night away.With these tips in mind, you're well on your way to planning a 1920s-themed wedding that would make even Jay Gatsby green with envy. So dust off those dancing shoes, raise a glass to the roaring 20s, and get ready for a celebration that's truly the bee's knees!